Tuesday, December 29, 2009

31th Plan

Mei couple with Toro d..
congrats ya..
but sure Mei will always go clubbing de lo..
sure cari me accompany de lo..
clubbing this thurs??
sorry ..
Naughty again le.

Monday, November 16, 2009

My Monday Night

tomorrow off...
shuang ~
alraedy brought ticket gonna watch 2012 with wan xin tomorrow.

just now reeive bao bei msg.
chu ban meeting gonna change to next sat edi.
but i edi take leave..
so now have to see my manager lo..
wan buy sweet to him edi..
and ask him let me change my leave. xD

long time dint go cc edi..
now im sitting at cc with my keje friend..
I bluff my aunt...
i told her my shop got renovation..
will be going back home late..
actually tonight wanna go baak home earlier watch movie de...
but i think her boy boy fetch me home edi 1am la..
how i watch my movie..
accept i dont sleep for tonight lo..
but i cant..
this few week keep sleep at 2am edi..
my face all pimples grows up edi~~

heart itchy..
wan go clubbing with janice..
havent been through..
so must try try..
sunday night wan go de..
nut nvm la~~

tired ar~~
miss home..
miss my bolster. xD
I MISS You tooo..
love you~

Friday, November 13, 2009

So Touch <3

Since i start working at 1u . Many ppl come and visit me . Ask me . How was my work ? I feel their caring . Thank . Especially my church member . Thank lots . =)

Y0u guys make me touch . When Every visit . =)

LOVE y0u guys . Muacks <3









没有淑慧存在的会议,记得要想淑慧多点=) 要加油!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My perfect off day

Today . I off . Miss Ying very much . So I decide to go her house and visit her . XD

But ... Actually very tired lur~ Nvm la . Can meet my best friend . It will be worth . =)

Hmm . My dear dear cook for me . She use around 1hour to cook for me le . Tired le . =x Thank dear dear . =)

When she is cooking .

Perfect off day . Owrh . Rushing my movie . Tomorrow work . =S

Spm student . Jiay0u . Miss y0u =)

End .

1u Edmundser

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dream factory の 名歌餐厅

Today usher is our you ting jie cell group . Hahas . Today 1st time to be waitress Ow~

1031 Happy birthday to ben Gor . Wish y0u can have a girl girl can take good care to y0u ba =)

Really long time din't meet my church sis and bro le . Miss them So much . Hope y0u guys listened What Song i give y0u guys . ' 还有谁能教我勇敢,加油!'